When you are living in your home then it is your duty to make effort to make it beautiful. Home is the place where one finds peace and they spend a lot of time in their homes. so home must be designed in beautiful way. To give new look to your home you should also change the decorations of your home. If you are habitual of changing the home décor after some time then you should not go for expensive home décor items. Instead of this, you should go for budget friendly items so that you may change it after some months. Here we have added few budget friendly home décor ideas for your convenience.  The ideas have been gathered from leading residential interior designers in Dubai.

Create a side table with your sofa:

You can place side table with your sofa but if you are going to do this then you must go for some stylish and unique side table for your TV hall. You can choose stack reading material or cubbies as your side table. 

Hang plates:

This is new trend of hanging plates in different colors on your wall. If you hang different sized plates on your wall then it will give more beautiful look to your wall. And if the wall color is light then you must go for bright colored plates. You can hang these plates with plate hangers. 

Make your own art:

As per a hotel interior design company in Dubai, if you are good in making art or even you can do graphic designing then you can hang your own art on wall. You can hang these arts by covering it documented frames. You can also go for custom mat or any other thing like this. 

Family tree:

You can also go for family tree at your home. Now a days, many stickers of tress are also available in market. You can find these in market and you can also order these online. Then you can add photos of your family on this tree. For this you can also choose stylish photo frames. 

Choose different shades:

You should choose different shades of colors to give more attractive look to your home.