Decor ideas that are sure to help you enhance the look & feel of your home

It is really difficult to shift to a new house and it becomes more difficult when you have to do decorate the entire house from the scratch. Décor of the house can make a huge difference and it can make your house look attractive ten times. Good décor can help you attain a more comfy and cozy living space whereas bad décor can lead to a sense of hatred towards your house. You can achieve great result by planning everything first. You don’t need to buy the furniture first because you will end up buying bigger or smaller furniture that will not event fit in your space. So it is better to take the measurements first.

Make sure to measure everything properly and not even an inch or half is missed. Take measurement of the entire house, the windows and the doors. Make sure that nothing is missed. Then make rough plan of what things you need and where will you put them. You should always have a rough sketch of what you want in your mind before going for shopping. The sketch should give you a bird’s eye view and you then know how your house is going to look after all the installations. Decide how you want your house to be. You want it to be modern, traditional, warm, cool, and cozy or a combination of all.

Develop a budget for all the rooms so that you know how much you can spend for a single room and then you can buy everything according to your budget. Make sure to keep the walls light so that you can add darker colored furniture, this will help you achieve a bigger looking room. You can also opt for light colored curtains if you have windows in your room and add some arts and crafts on the walls as well. You also need to pay special attention on the lighting of your house. It needs to be up to the mark or else your house will end up looking dull. You can add lamps and different kinds of light in the house. This will brighten up the house and the furniture and decoration will add their pop of color to the place. Don’t overload your house with furniture or else it will look too small. Try to keep it minimal so you can have a pretty looking house.