Fast Drying Time, Versatile Mediums

Acrylic paint has been on the market for decades and has become an integral part of many artists’ tools. Acrylic paint has an incredible number of benefits: it’s easy to mix; it’s relatively cheap compared to oil paints; it’s paints resistant to ultraviolet light and most importantly, it can be easily used over again with little mess and fuss. Acrylic paint is so easy to work with that you probably have an unlimited supply of acrylic paints on hand. However, although acrylic paint is a great tool to have around, there are some disadvantages. Here are our top reasons to use acrylic paint in UAE:

Dries quickly:

Acrylic paint dries fairly quickly, especially if you’re using thick paint. If you’re using acrylic paint on paper, the dry time tends to vary quite a bit from brand to brand. When mixing acrylics with water, you should mix from the back to the front of the palette (or sometimes from the back to the front of your brush). If you’re using acrylics and watercolor or water-dyes, you’ll want to mix from the back to the front of your palette because if you mix from the front, you run the risk of streaks.

Safer than others:

In terms of safety, acrylic paint is slightly safer than oil-based paints because they dry fairly quickly. However, even when they do dry fairly quickly, they still are flammable. As with most other types of art mediums, you should always mix the paints with lukewarm water before use. You never want to start a painting with hot water! Hot water will react with any acrylic paint and cause the paint to break down. 

Available in standard hues:

Acrylics are available in many standard hues. They’re available in several pigment blend colors as well. Some acrylic paints can also be mixed with other pigments to create multiple hues of color. Because they dry very quickly, they are good for mixing with other paints. They have a low flash point and, therefore, work well with acrylic artwork that has tight deadlines. Because they have a very high gloss finish, acrylic paint is very attractive in color choices.

You get different effects:

Paints can also be mixed to get different effects. For instance, you can paint one entire panel in a solid color, and then mix in a variety of blues, whites, blacks, and other multi-colored colors to change the overall look of your painting. Mixing acrylic paints is a great way to build up a variety of colors in a single painting. 

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