There are many different activities that can be tried out in schools. These include:

1) Sports and Gymnastics: These are must-to-bring activities in schools because they strengthen muscles which result in strengthening of brain because brain is also a muscular organ. Strengthening of brain result in increased production of happy hormones and development in hypothalamus and logical side of brain. Moreover, it has positive impact on psychological health. Furthermore, it gives student another skill. To teach sports and gymnastics, you can hire any physical education expert or any football teacher to coach students. Including a few sports is also enough, but ask students what they want.  

2) Dance: Dance is favorite of everyone. Students love to groove and shake their legs and hands on different beat. There are different types of dance. Educational institutes can include students’ favorite types like jazz and pop, ballet, jackson’s dance or any other type. For this, they have to hire a dance expert or collaborate with any dance school. Collaboration will lessen the burden on school financially. You can even contact entertainment agency Dubai to get dancers. 

3) Singing: Science says that everyone can sing if they practice. If schools introduce singing classes, many students can pursue career in their favorite field. There are many singing schools in every city. Many of them are even cheap. School directors can collaborate with any of them and offer singing lessons in Dubai to nurture keen students into exceptional singers. Besides nurturing talent, singing will increase attendance of children because children love to sing. Moreover, it will singing and listening music rewire brain and rewiring results in better performance in academics- the thing which teacher wants. 

4) Cooking and baking: There are many children who desire to cook Singaporean rice or bake a chocolate fudge cake. There are many students who wish to become chef or find cooking as the best way to release stress.  Therefore, schools can introduce cooking and baking classes to make studies less tough and attract them towards schools. For this, what teachers heave to do is to teach the dish in which they are best. If teacher A knows how to bake MUST-EAT cake, then she can teach it on Monday which will be followed by teacher B who knows how to cook scrumptious noodles. 

So, these are a few activities which you can introduce and bring some life in schools.