Art is something which everyone can do in his or her own unique way. There is in restriction in art and craft to do or not to do. When a person starts crafting then he or she can make anything beautiful while using the creativity. When we talk about art and craft classes in Dubai then we find several places where you and your kids can start doing what they love to do. There are also separate art classes in Dubai for kids in which only kids can join according to their age and then they will learn different kinds of art and crafts. In these classes they can learn art for different seasons too like:

In spring: When they learn about spring season they will learn to make things that come with spring season like flowers, bugs and other things. They can learn to make beautiful ring making with paper on which they will make bugs and flowers. These rings can wore afterwards and in this way kids will get the sense of achievement. 

In fall: When it comes to fall then kids can learn making things with falling leaves and pine cones. They will learn to use fall colors like brown, orange and yellow. They will learn to make hedgehogs out of the leaves which they can collect from the garden. They can also make hedgehog and owl out of the pine cones that fall on to the ground.

In winter: In winter season crafts, kids will learn to use cooler colors like white and blue. They can make different things from paper like a snowman, paper snowflakes or penguin. When they try to make snowflakes then they need to be very careful as they have to cut the paper form different sides and only bigger kids should do that under proper observation.

In summer: When we talk about summer then kids can make different kinds of things. They can make paper cones of different vibrant colors; they can also try to make turtles with different colored loops on it. They can also use clothes pins to make different animals like dinosaur and lion with mouth which can be opened and closed. In summer they can use whatever colors they want to use and make beautiful crafty things.