When we see around we get to know that there are many schools that have a customized school uniform which is mandatory for kids to wear during the school timings. There is also a different uniform for the sports days in which students has to wear their sports uniform. Most of the schools have their own uniform tailor Dubai form which they get their uniforms stitched and then they will provide these uniforms to the students. Other than that there are several shops and restaurants which have mandatory uniform for their workers and they also have their own alteration tailors in Dubai so that their workers can wear fitted clothes instead of the lose ones. There are several benefits of keeping a uniform at the work and study place and some of them are as follows:

Homogeneity: When workers of a place or students of an institute wear the same clothes then they will all be the equal to each other. They will come to know that whether they are a rich person at their home but they have to treat their fellow beings as same no matter if they are rich or poor. 

No show off: The moment when all the people in an institute wear the same clothing, there will never be the chance for anyone to show off their rich clothing. If there is no compulsion of uniform then everyone has to wear different clothes each day which will be difficult for people who are not very well off. To maintain their respect they have to wear good clothes and for that they have to spend a good amount of money or they have to lend from others. To restrain people from the inferiority complex, it is very necessary to have a uniform wearing compulsion at the work places and in educational institutes.

Ease: When people come to a working place like a restaurant then they will quickly recognize that to whom they have to order and who is the in-charge there. In this way they do not have to be worried about whom they should call so wearing uniform gives the ease of recognizing people with their ranks at the work place while in schools there are always some sorts of change like badges or sashes to differentiate between different grades.