Costume designing is such an important part of many different shows and events and the designers are not much paid attention to. They have been working on different show production Dubai and different places but here are some secrets and facts about costume designing that you may not be aware of. Keep on reading to find out:

  • Your attitude matters more than skills

One of the major things that one needs to know about when they think of hiring a designer for Dubai dance kind of show they will pay more attention to your attitude instead of your skills because the right attitude of the designer matters the most. If they can’t handle stress or start panicking at the last moment when something doesn’t fit then it completely ruins the whole aim of hiring a professional. They need to be organized and confident in what they do so that the people wearing costumes can shine out as they are supposed to.

  • Team work is the key to go

This is something very important that you need to know that team work is everything when it comes to team work. It won’t work if you don’t listen to what the people who are going to wear costumes have to say because even if you are the designer still it is these people who are going to be wearing them. Create a good strong bond with the team members if you really want to be regarded as a good designer for your attitude, personality and skill sets.

  • Be empathetic

It is important that you create connections and friendships with people because this can go a long way and one way to do that is by being genuine and empathetic to them. Get close to them and learn their problems and where they come from. Try being empathetic instead of just imposing what you want them to do, express your feelings and hear them out.

  • Costume designers are not taken seriously

This is another one of the main problems that designers face. People don’t understand the importance designers unless they face a wardrobe malfunction on the stage and there’s no one to take care of it. Save yourself some embarrassment in front of a huge group and hire a designer as they can be quite helpful for you.