Ballet is a beautiful art form which teaches patience and hard work and striving for perfection which can come out to be a beautiful thing. Yet there are still so many clichés and stigmas around this one form of sport that we just can’t seem to get rid of. No worries – amongst us ballets – let’s take a look at all the things that every ballet dancer have to go through.

  • People need to stop confusing the terms ‘ballet’ and ‘belly’. Whenever you introduce yourself as ballet dancer, you are often mistaken for belly which then stretches into a long conversation.
  • You learn to use clear nail polish in many different places other than your nails. Sometimes you need to mend a hole in ballet shoes Dubai while other times your tights could use some of it.
  • Every ballet dancer not only learns many life lessons and virtues but they also learn the art of sewing. Probably no one would believe you if you told them that you are a ballet dancer but don’t know sewing because that is the number one skill that comes in handy minutes before your performance when the shoes decide to break.
  • Learning ABC and 123 was easier than learning plie because that is where the real exercise begins and you need to get your body moving in positions which are unnatural.
  • No matter how much you focused on your arch and tried to excel it, it just never was good enough. Was it? The same was the problem with turn out. Even if you spent hours correcting it, it would never be considered best as there was always something wrong.
  • Martha Graham was probably your idol and you looked up to her and worshiped her as a goddess in your early days of ballet. Whereas when you grow up and realize the complexities of this art, this is when you get immense respect for any ballerina who is still keeping up with ballet.
  • No matter how expensive you buy ballet leotards online you always wanted to aim for the loose trousers so that no one would know that you’re bending your knee. The problem that it had was that the teacher always seemed to notice.

These are some basic funny and frustrating things that ballets have to go through. How many could you relate to?