Bonfire is love. Everyone wants to arrange and go in bonfire to feel the glitter and ecstasy of night.

Are you thinking or planning to arrange fire at night with music and meal? 

If yes, then don’t get confused and read below to get an idea that what you have to do to arrange must-attend bonfire!

  1. Wood: You need to have lots of wood and fire-lightening material to have fire in the middle of the ground.  You can arrange the place at any friend’s house which has some space at backyard or you can use public ground where there is not grass and greenery or you can contact a corporate event management company in Dubai to get a space.  You can buy wood from store or you can cut trees of your house to get them.
  2. Barbeque: Will you enjoy fire alone in bonfire?  Obviously not!  Food is necessary to make the day delightful. And the best food you can add is barbeque. To have successful and enjoyable barbeque in which you will get completely cooked chicken , marinate them with spices for hours before the barbeque to make them spicy. Similarly, clean all barbeque stuff so that you can enjoy making steaks and chicken at night. You can get the stuff from any friend’s house easily. Use it carefully otherwise you will burn yourselves.  And don’t wear lenses at the time of making steaks because you might lose your eyes.
  3. Music: You should arrange music too. Make a playlist in phone and arrange big speakers from somewhere to have fun on Saturday night or Sunday light with friends and cousins. Dance on beats and make the time worthy to remember.
  4. Rugs and carpets: It is not safe to sit on grounds. So place sine rugs on grounds where everyone could sit. You can place them around the fire to make it sound like a feature film or movie.
  5. Liquors: Collect money from all friends and cousins who are coming in bonfire and buy different liquors and drinks to turn that Saturday night into your night and day. You can buy vodka and beer. They do not make you unconscious too much!

So,  you have to do these things to carry out bonfire so amazingly like a corporate team building activity! Hope it has helped you to come up with a complete plan to arrange bonfire alone for friends!