We think that we can place anything in the locker but there are somethings which are advised not to place in safe deposit box. Some of them are:

Passport: At many times, you have to go abroad or plan within the country urgently. Keeping a passport at locker will increase hassles only. It might make you to cancel the flight if the bank is closed.

Living wills, medical directives and power of attorney documents: No one will come to know about these papers if you would keep them in the safe of the home. Even, it will make it easier to access them if the loved-one will die. Moreover, it is better to place the copies of your living will and similar documents in the home if there is not cosinger of yours who would share the account with you. It will make it easier for loved ones to access them when you will die.

Unsecured valuables: Although the purpose of locker is to keep your valuables safe, they are not safe cent percent when your documents and valuables do not have insurance. Thus, it is recommended to tell your insurance company about the safe deposit locker in bank and valuables, they might offer you insurance for cheap.

Money: Banks and financial institutions keep your money secure if you keep them in bank account but it us not safe to deposit money in safe deposit locker. Therefore, it is better to keep the money at home; although you won’t get extra money of interest.

Illegal things: Banks and other financial institutions can detect fast what you have kept in locker. Keeping drugs or illicit items in the safe deposit box might force bankers to register FIR against you or make them to call police to take you.

So, these are the items which you should not keep in the locker but there are some items and things which you should keep in safe deposit box. Some of them are:

Gold and jewels: Gold is must to place in lockers. The institutes keep your gold and jewels safe and secure. You can place your diamond jewelry or ruby stones or gold coins in it.

Personal documents: You can keep your personal documents like birth certificates and b-forms in the locker to keep them safe. It is better to keep them in locker if you need to change homes after every few months. You can even keep your marriage license or adoption papers in it too. The locker permits you to keep your confidential papers as well. Placing them in the box will not let anyone to see them.

Bonds and stock certificates: You cannot place them freely in your home. Thus, it better to keep them at secure place.

Important documents: There is need to place business papers and agreements in the lockers so that you would not lose them easily. However, it is advised to place then in waterproof bag and then place them in the locker.

So, these are the items which can keep in locker of the bank. However, you cannot keep them in hotel guest room safes because they are not secure. You cannot use them as luxury jewelry safes.