People will love to go for a luxurious desert safari Dubai trip when they have some free time and especially when their kids have some vacations form their schools. They will go there to enjoy their holidays with their family and for this thing they have to be sure that their trip will g smooth without any kind of trouble. They often hire some different companies to go for the safari tour as they cannot go there on their own. Another attraction in Dubai is the overnight desert camping Dubai through which people can enjoy the ride along with the sea to enjoy the trip even more. Before going for the safari trip you have to ask the following things from the service provider:

Type of vehicle: You have to ask about the type of vehicle because there are only certain kinds of vehicles that can go to the desert due to the dense level of sand there. If a normal car will go there then it will got stuck in the stand and you cannot do anything other than just waiting for the other vehicles to rescue you from there. There should be vehicles like the jeep in the desert to enjoy your trip.

Timing: For going to the desert there are usually two timings are available one for the morning and the other for the evening. Both of them have their own sites to view and their own charms to enjoy. If you are running out of time then you can choose whatever time available to you otherwise you should go for both of them on different days to enjoy both timings. During morning there are some sports which you can play there and during evening time there are different programs which you and enjoy like the dancing and bar-B-que live.

Charges: Both timings have different charges and also there are different charges for the adults and for the kids. If you are going with your kids then you have to tell them before booking so that you have to pay a little less and then you can spend this money on other things like paying for the sports there because these sports are not included in your travelling charges. You have to take extra money with you to enjoy there more.