Dementia is the late age disease and it is associated with many other diseases too. The prevalence of this disease is increasing day by day and its proper treatment has not yet been discovered. Even now due to prevalence of this disease, now may care homes have also been made to take care of these Patients. If you are living in UK then you can find best dementia care home UK. But before this you must know about dementia so that you can better take care of your patients.  There are many UK buy to let care home in UK.

What is dementia?

Dementia is characterized as decline in memory, short term memory loss, speaking problem and decline in thinking ability. So it also affects the daily routine activities of person. 

It is not a single disease but it is group of multiple diseases and there occur some abnormal changes in brain. So these changes disturb the daily routine activities. It occurs in the later age, after 55 or 60 years. 


There are multiple symptoms of this disease. Some of these symptoms have been given in this article. These symptoms are problem in short term memory, impaired cognitive ability and problem in thinking ability. It can be treated at early stages so if you see any patient around you who is experiencing problems in thinking then you must go to your doctor. 

Causes of dementia:

It is caused by decline in the functioning of brain cells. With the increase in age, the functioning of brain cells decreases. The major cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. It occurs when level of proteins become in our brain so there will be difficulty for different parts of brain to communicate with each other. However, dementia can only be treated it is in earlier stages. But with the passage of time, it is untreatable. 


There are no proper diagnostic tests for dementia. It is diagnosed on the basis of symptoms such as memory loss, impaired thinking ability. But it is difficult to determine exactly the type of dementia because of complex brain functioning. 


Dementia is irreversible and there is no proper treatment of dementia. Different medicines have been manufactured which give symptomatic treatment of dementia. However, you can do only proper care of these patients. You can take care of these patients at home and if you can not take care of these patients at home then there are many care homes for these patients.