Infertility is the inability to produce offspring and it can be in both male and female. It is mostly common in the females but males can also be the cause of not making his female pregnant but its ratio is lower, about 7% of all men go through this problem. There are several reasons behind this and not all the men are incurable. If they get to know the problem in the beginning then they can get over it through the infertility treatment Dubai. They have to know about the signs so that they can start getting treatment, some of the sign are here below:

The basic signs of this problem can be seen through the inability or inappropriate sexual functions. It includes all the things related like having difficulty in ejaculation or having low to zero sexual desire. It also includes the inability or striving for the erection through the process and for this they can get the erectile dysfunction treatment Dubai.

Like women, men have to check their body from time to time and if they get to know about any kind of swelling or lumps in their private parts then they need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. If they feel pain with the appearance of swelled area then they should be worried about it and should not ignore that because it may cause other big problems too.

If any of a male person feel difficulty in their respiratory system like infection in it or getting it difficult to smell the things then they must check them up with the infertility doctor as they may have the problem in their fertility system but people normally ignore this and they think they are having problems in their lungs and nose.

If any person starting to feel the abnormal increase of female hormones in them then they should consult a doctor and they can get the idea of this thing through strangely growing breast and having reduction in their body and facial hair. All these are the warning signs that a visit to doctor is necessary but above all if a person is unable to produce offspring without these signs then he has to get his sperm count checked and if it results in less than normal then he needs treatment.